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As Patai, our priority is to give you the most quality service. And our main duty is to serve you better with using WordPress oppurtunities.

Firstly, the WordPress service we offer, you can have WordPress designs which are suitable for every budget and special just for you. Secondly, we will provide the installation of the theme and WordPress installation by setting the necessary pages. And thirdly, the plugins, security settings, integration which search engines and Yoast web site SEO work and SEO settings for our customers will be free of charge.

Any theme you choose is installed under license by our company. This service will allow you to have a modern and a web site design that is mobile device compatible as well as an advanced management panel.

After your project is completed, we will continue to support you by our Patai  team on many issues such as protecting your plugins on your website, providing the necessary security updates, and checking manageable WordPress updates.

You won’t have any hosting and domain problems anymore. Additionally to WordPress service, we’ll provide hosting and domain name for 1 year at no extra cost by our company. Thus, we guarantee that you won’t have any problems with your hosting and that your website will have a page speed rate of 95%. All thanks to the website speed optimization we’ve made specifically for your website and the high features provided by our hosting


We do not only make a WordPress system for you, but also do SEO work and quality content control in addition to the WordPress service system. With this service, you can make your website stand out in search engines and be one step ahead of your competitors in Google searches. In addition to this service, if you want your website SEO to be more powerful and effective, we also give you with external SEO studies.

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