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Responsive Design Process

The responsive design we’re going to provide for you will give you the opportunity to browse your website more easily from your tablet and smart phones. When you open your website via your smart phone or your tablet, the design of your website will adapt to each platform and will become smaller when you tap onto it

And to increase your website’s utility, the fonts will become easy to read as we’re going to enlarge and adjust the screen accordingly. Such as the visuals on your website are going to fit well into the screen when you open your website on your mobile phone or your tablet.

With responsive design, your website’s value is going to increase as well as the number of visitors on your website. Which is a very important SEO work and a key when it comes to ranking high in search engines.

We make our responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch. It’s the highest functioning web site language. The reason why we chose to use responsive design technique is that it creates a ready-made frame work system according to your needs.



What we can do for you

If you have a previously non-responsive website, we can proceed step by step with our professional team to deliver your website responsibly or we can prepare and present you a custom responsive design from scratch. While we’re making responsive design for you, you can control the progress of your responsive design and the preparation process.

Responsive Design Offer

As Patai, we offer the opportunity to work with our team in order to serve you better and to make your website more practical. During the design phase, you can contact our authorized teammate working with you at any time and follow the entire progress and construction stages of your project.

We prepare your design and present it to you within the given time, if there’s a part you want to change or edit in your design, you can change or edit the parts you want by consulting our teammate

When we finish your design, you’ll have a website compatible with mobile devices, tablets and all platforms.


Responsive Design’s Payment

When it is designs, as Patai our pricing will be in cash as 50% of the initial fee, and the remaining 50% at the end of the project. There’s no re-pricing in any way other than the price we agreed on.

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